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A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.


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A picture of Leonard Lin

Leonard Lin

Independent technologist

A picture of Ross Goodwin

Ross Goodwin

Creative technologist, artist, hacker

A picture of Jen Myers

Jen Myers

Technologist, writer (Girl Develop It, Code and Cupcakes Chicago)

A picture of Jane Friedhoff

Jane Friedhoff

Creative technologist (NYT R&D), indie game developer

A picture of Bruce Schneier

Bruce Schneier

Security technologist

A picture of Sha Hwang

Sha Hwang

Designer, technologist (Gifpop, Meshu,

A picture of Julian Bleecker

Julian Bleecker

Designer, technologist (Near Future Laboratory)

A picture of Seb Chan

Seb Chan

Head of Digital, Powerhouse Museum