Uses This

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Uses This asks a random selection of people all about the tools and techniques they're using to get things done.


When are new interviews posted?
Usually once every week, ideally on a Tuesday or Thursday Melbourne time. This used to be twice a week like clockwork until, y'know, all the things.
Can I suggest someone to interview?
Absolutely! Send me the details!
Can I suggest myself for an interview?
I appreciate the offer, but I always have a very, very (very) long and specific queue.
Is this some sort of Apple fan site?
Nope! Folks just like using their stuff.
Can I make my own version of the site?
Absolutely - everything on the site is available on GitHub! And if you do end up making your own, I'd love to see it.
Who runs the site?
I'm Daniel, an ancient web nerd.
How can I get in touch?
Send an email to the fourth letter of the English alphabet, followed by the 'at' symbol, care of this domain.
What's the longest it's taken someone to get answers back to you?
The current record is 11 years (love you, Andy).