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Roxana Jullapat

Baker, cookbook author

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Who are you, and what do you do?

Hello, my name is Roxana Jullapat. I'm a baker and cookbook author. For the past four years, I have owned a bakery called Friends & Family in Los Angeles, CA. My baking (and my writing) revolves around whole grains as well as seasonal, organic fruits and vegetables. My cookbook titled Mother Grains is precisely a collection of recipes to make the most of the ancient grains available to beginners and pros alike. I'm also an advocate of garden-based education and volunteer often at edible gardens around town.

What hardware do you use?

As a writer I rely on small format hardware, specifically my MacBook Air and my iPad. Cloud storage has made this possible. In the kitchen I require more powerful equipment - I use a four-deck Empire oven, two Blodget convection ovens, and a double-rack rotating Baxter oven.

And what software?

As far as software, Microsoft Word and Google Docs seem to do the work.

What would be your dream setup?

My dream set up would require a full remodel of my current bakery to include an office with a desktop Mac, a test kitchen, and a food stylist photo studio. The bakery needs a few equipment upgrades and a more ergonomic design that includes tiles to create a serene and functional space, as well as windows or even a skylight to provide natural light.