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KC Green

Cartoonist, writer (Gunshow, He is a Good Boy)

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Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is KC Green. I used to make the webcomic Gunshow. Now I make the webcomic He is a Good Boy. I also write BACK with artist Anthony Clark, and I am making a Pinocchio adaptation. I've done work with the Invader Zim comic books, Adult Swim, Boom! Studios, and helped storyboard an Adventure Time ep that isn't out yet.

What hardware do you use?

I have a Mac Mini (Late 2012) that is only for drawing. It used to be my main computer but I upgraded and got a Late 2013 Mac Pro that I use for writing, playing games, tweeting, and video editing. On the drawing computer, I use a Cintiq 22HD along with Manga Studio EX 5 to draw. Manga Studio has become my go to for drawing comics and drawing in general now. The UI isn't great, but once I started to get it, I loved it a lot. I have an Adobe subscription but that is for Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Indesign etc. for use on my Mac Pro. I only use Manga Studio for comics.

I have been dabbling in more video motion comic stuff recently. So I use Manga Studio to draw character poses and frames to edit into a video using Apple's Final Cut Pro. Sometimes using Motion too, Apple's version of After Effects. I have a copy of Storyboard Pro from Toon Boom, to sort of make a general layout of the videos I do. To know what poses to draw, backgrounds, other things, etc. All gets edited in Photoshop and put into work in FPC.

And what software?

Answered a lot of this in the last one! But let's go down the line:

  • Manga Studio EX 5 for comics and general drawing.
  • Storyboard Pro for storyboarding out little animations.
  • Final Cut Pro for editing together drawings and sounds to make videos.
  • Motion (sometimes) for better animating tools than FCP (not often enough cus I keep most of the jiggles and movements in the videos simple)
  • Adobe's slew of Products for website/book - building and image editing.
  • Steam for playing games. Steam id is dumpleton's dog, feel free to add me ✌️😎

What would be your dream setup?

My head in a jar, hooked up to a robot drawing arm. A separate tube to get me high (not sure how, science will have figured it out by then). A lot of paper near my robot drawing arm. Someone to take the drawn-on paper and scan it for online publication. A TV playing Tiny Toons over and over. And people generally leaving me alone.