Uses This

A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.


There are 29 interviews in this category.

A picture of Carta Monir

Carta Monir

Cartoonist, podcaster

A picture of Kate Lacour

Kate Lacour

Cartoonist, art therapist

A picture of John Leavitt

John Leavitt

Writer, cartoonist, activist

A picture of Julia Evans

Julia Evans

Developer (Stripe), cartoonist, zine maker

A picture of Matt Lubchansky

Matt Lubchansky

Cartoonist (Please Listen to Me)

A picture of Lucy Bellwood

Lucy Bellwood

Adventure Cartoonist (Baggywrinkles)

A picture of Veronica Berns

Veronica Berns

Science cartoonist

A picture of Dorothy Gambrell

Dorothy Gambrell

Cartoonist (Cat and Girl)

A picture of Jason Shiga

Jason Shiga

Cartoonist (Meanwhile, Demon)

A picture of Blue Delliquanti

Blue Delliquanti

Cartoonist (O Human Star)