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A picture of Emily Flake
Image by Mindy Tucker.

Emily Flake

Writer, cartoonist, performer

in cartoonist, comedian, writer

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Emily Flake, I'm a cartoonist, a writer, an illustrator, and a performer (comedy, basically).

What hardware do you use?

I use Arches 140# hot press paper and the watercolors I'm currently using are LeFrance & Bourgeois, which are as speedy as the name would imply. I like Princeton sable watercolor brushes. Pencil-wise, I'm not picky; I prefer mechanical pencils, usually in the .5 or .3 lead widths. I love Dr. Martin's Black Star ink. I have a clipboard with shitty paper on it that I use in lieu of a sketchbook or diary (though I also have a million little notebooks with like one or two pages written or drawn on. Hope springs eternal).

I also have my own mic (fifty dollar Shure), which feels like it'll come in handy if they ever open up comedy clubs again.

And what software?

Photoshop and Word, primarily

What would be your dream setup?

If I could have all of this in either a well-appointed shed in the backyard (we would also need a backyard, but we live in Brooklyn so fat chance) or a small apartment nearby I could escape to to work, that would be the dream. Any wealthy patrons out there wanna buy us a backyard?