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Tuck Woodstock

Journalist, equity educator, musician, podcaster

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Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm a journalist, an equity educator, a musician. Folks might know me from covering the 2020 Portland protests on Twitter (@tuckwoodstock).

What hardware do you use?

I have a 13" early-2015 MacBook Pro that I'm trying to keep alive long enough for them to release the new generation of MacBooks, which will allegedly bring back the SD card slot and some additional ports. This laptop is quite old and slow and the screen is cracking but it does great at having ports, ya know? I also have an iPhone 12 mini that I bought after my last phone inexplicably bricked (rude!).

When my carpal tunnel-adjacent wrist condition flares up, I switch from my computer trackpad to an Anker Wireless Vertical mouse, which I'm a big fan of as far as mice are concerned.

To record podcasts and music, I use a Shure 58 recording into a Zoom H6. Music-wise, I play a Danelectro Vintage Baritone electric guitar plugged into some kind of cheap practice amp.

I saw that Laura Jedeed added her protest gear to her hardware as well, so I'll add that I have some hand-milled hard plates (official, rated plates were out of stock most of last summer) and a 3M half-face respirator donated to me by some fans of my work, and a skateboard helmet that says "PRESS" given to me by Sergio Olmos.

And what software?

I edit podcasts in Reaper (we stan) and rely heavily on a mishmash of Izotope plug-ins.

What would be your dream setup?

So at first I was like "this is fine!" but in a dreamy dream world, I suppose I would have a proper standing desk with a big monitor and a separate mouse and keyboard and a tall chair so I can sit at my standing desk sometimes. This is actually the setup I had back when I had a job, lol.

Oh, and I make podcasts in my closet (as ya do) so if I could have like... a shelf for the Zoom (it currently lives on a haphazard pile of shorts), or a mic stand that isn't broken?? I would take that.