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A picture of Terri Burns

Terri Burns

Product manager (Twitter), chair of tech@nyu

in developer, mac, product, writer

Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Terri Burns! I'm a product manager at a big company, an apprentice at a small company, and an occasional writer. But really, I'm just a lady who likes to make stuff, talk to people, and peruse the internet.

What hardware do you use?

I have two MacBooks -- an Air and a Pro. I don't think one's really better than the other. I also have a planner and a notebook. The planner is used to organize all the things I need to get done during the week. The notebook is used when my planner gets too messy and I need to rewrite my lists (this happens often), and when I need to sketch through something I'm thinking about. Oh, and my iPhone 6S. Pretty much always on that these days.

And what software?

I mostly use every product on the G Suite a ton, except for Google Plus and Google Sites. I use Twitter/TweetDeck, almost just as much. I Snapchat a lot, too. (Wow, I sound like such an obnoxious Millennial.) I also love vim as my text editor, Signal to send encrypted messages, Spotify for my music, and Dark Sky so I can obsessively check the weather.

What would be your dream setup?

It'd be cool to have a 27-inch Retina display iMac, to use as a monitor. But other than that my dream is just to have enough space for a really, really large desk to hold my monitor, laptops, a stack of notebooks/books, and other miscellaneous stuff. I think it's an attainable dream!