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Sara Lautman

Cartoonist, illustrator

in cartoonist, illustrator

Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Sara Lautman, and I'm a cartoonist/illustrator.

What hardware do you use?

I'm very table-motivated. I use several large tables (a computer desk for secretarial-type work and writing, a glass drafting table for lightboxing, and the top of a flat file for paper-cutting/putting mail together). I draw with crow-quill nib pens, small brushes, plastic nib microns, and pencils, mechanical and wooden - 4Bs are my favorite. Lately (as in the past year or so) I've been sketching comics in 4B, then transferring them to Procreate and inking digitally. I also use Sculpey and acrylic paint to make small items.

And what software?

I have a subscription to Adobe CS from my job at MICA, which is fantastic, but if I didn't have access to that particular perk, I would more than likely be using something open source. I use PS to edit images, and Illustrator to occasionally vectorize them.

What would be your dream setup?

Man, dream setup... I think I have it. I work in a big, quiet, well-lit room in a live/work artist co-op where I can control the temperature, have all the tables I want, and rely on the internet. There's a beautiful Grey Cat, and a quiet little dog. I have one studio mate, a good friend who I love and who (major bonus) practices a completely different kind of art from me.

The room is near my home but not inside my home, private when I need it to be, and connected to a familial creative community so I don't get too feral. There have been years in my life when comfortable, well-equipped work space was just not something that was available, so I feel lucky in my studio every single day.