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A picture of Rachel Adams
Photo by Eva Deitch.

Rachel Adams

Writer, recipe developer, co-founder of Dinner was Delicious

Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm a writer, cook, and blogger based in Chicago. I run Dinner was Delicious with my best friend, taking responsibility for recipe development and writing all the words good. Outside of the blog: I write essays about making and eating food for print and online publications, and cook for anyone who will eat it.

What hardware do you use?

I use a MacBook Air on a cat-scratched CB2 outlet chaise and/or the dining room table. I wear Warby Parker glasses (Preston, gimlet tortoise / Durand, woodland tortoise). I barely need them, but they make me look adorable.

Cooking: I split my time between two kitchens -- the one in my apartment and the one in the photography studio of my partner-in-blog, Lucy Hewett.

My personal kitchen is largely for recipe development and feeding my friends. It is my favorite place in the world and contains:

Lucy's Studio Kitchen is where we do all of the shoots for Dinner was Delicious. It's more pared down but infinitely lovelier, since it's where shit has to look nice. It also has the benefit of Lucy's impeccable taste, to help things look like less of a crazy-person hovel.

Both kitchens contain:

And what software?

My needs here are much smaller.

Excel rules legitimately everything around me. If I can't put it in a spreadsheet, it may as well not exist. It does all of my grocery lists, prep lists, inventory management, and ideas for new projects. My magnum opus is a spreadsheet template for party planning. Using too many VLookUps, it compares my list of guests with a list of recipes and then poops out a correctly scaled grocery list with notes on dietary restrictions and allergies. There's also a tab that calculates my prep schedule for the days leading up to a big event. I'm wet just thinking about it.

Beyond Excel, I could not live without Google Drive. Working with another person on the blog means a lot of collaboration. Plus, we're both Capricorns and completely adore archives and copies of copies. Google Drive is where I store most of my personal writing, too.

I sometimes use Pages and Dropbox, but Google Drive is def my preference. The self-loathing period of writing is deeply tied to my "process;" the auto-save-cloud-sync-computer-beep-boop-nonsense that lets me slam my computer shut in self-disgust without losing work is an actual life saver.

What would be your dream setup?



Double Wall Ovens are how I will know I am a successful food person. When they are attained, all of my shitty perfectionism and neuroses will melt away and I will un-fucking-clench. Maybe. Beyond that, it's all gravy. Hopefully in a literal sense.