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Lorena Cupcake

Freelance writer, music editor

in editor, mac, writer

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Lorena Cupcake. I'm a freelance writer and music editor. I manage social media and marketing for Do312, which connects Chicago residents with local events.

What hardware do you use?

I have one of the new 12" MacBooks that doesn't have real USB, it drives me bananas on a daily basis and I'm the only person in my office who can't get a dual display working even though I have the newest computer.

I have an iPhone 6. I get a lot of use out of a $10 tripod I screwed a smartphone-holding bracket into; you can buy the brackets on eBay, but the tripods they come with are trash.

I'm not sure I'd survive covering music festivals without my EasyAcc battery pack or Raw Pre-Rolled Cones.

And what software?

I spend like two hours a day in Facebook Power Editor and I hate everything about it. Twitter's new Dashboard scheduler is pretty nice compared to third party apps like HootSuite or Buffer. Instagram and Snapchat don't really let anyone tap that API, but I do have a Notes doc on my phone full of Instagram tags I copy paste.

Other stuff I use at work includes Giphy's GIF maker, Unicode Table, Emojipedia, and Pixlr or Aviary for quick photo edits. I'm obsessed with Sprout's Landscape for image resizing for social media.

As far as apps go, I like making GIFs with DSCO and editing photos with Snapseed.

I download a lot of mixtapes off Dat Piff and Hot New Hip Hop and then torture my coworkers via SONOS.

What would be your dream setup?

I dunno, a beach with a piƱa colada maker and a convenient pile of rocks to lash to my body as I walk into the sea.