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Jessica Boudreaux
Photo by Jason Quigley.

Jessica Boudreaux

Musician (Summer Cannibals)

Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Jessica Boudreaux. I'm a Portland, OR based musician (among other things), originally from Louisiana. I've been in Portland for the last 8 years, first pursuing a career in film and then in the last 4 years focusing mainly on my band Summer Cannibals that I sing, play guitar and write for. Kill Rock Stars just released our third full length and before that I self-released our first two albums through my own record label New Moss Records. Early this year I started playing and touring with one of my favorite bands The Thermals as their new guitarist, which still feels like a very weird, amazing and dreamy dream.

What hardware do you use?

Amp situation: I use a new Fender Twin Reverb, as much as I love using vintage gear I just don't have the patience for it when we're on tour. The new amps are way more reliable and honestly I don't hear THAT much of a difference. When we're just playing in town I do really love to play my Fender Quad Reverb from the 70's. Sounds so huge and rad and is also a massive pain in the ass to move.

Guitar situation: I play a Fender Mustang 65' reissue, it's short scale and makes my life as a small person a little bit easier in terms of playing. Current pedal situation: Homebrew UFO fuzz pedal (I never turn this off!), Death By Audio Fuzz War (for when I'm soloing), Malekko EKKO 616 MKII and a Boss Digital Reverb.

And what software?

I use Logic Pro X for making demos. I love it so much. I use the built in "drummers" with shit tons of distortion on them, plug my guitar/bass/vocals mics direct into a PreSonus FireBox and use the built-in amp simulators and compressors in Logic to make them sound cool. I've got a more elaborate recording set up for when I want to record live drums and live amps in my studio.

When I do video stuff I'm one of very few people who ended up kind of liking Final Cut Pro X - a lot of people ragged on it for a while (maybe not anymore? I've been outta the game for a few years) but I liked it for the same reason I love Logic Pro... it's intuitive and user friendly. Other software: does Twitter count? I've been embarrassingly into that lately (@SCannibalsBand ;)

What would be your dream setup?

Honestly, I've got everything that I need to make the art I want to make right now. There's always pedals and guitars and random pieces of gear that I'd like to buy, but I don't feel limited at all in any capacity when it comes to creating with the setup I have right now.