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Chuck Tingle

Author of erotic fiction

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Who are you, and what do you do?

name of dr chuck tingle. i am a very FAMOUS author from billings montana orginally from town name of home of truth utah. i write bestselling tinglers these are stories for real men who know that love kisses the sky. this has been scientifically proven and it is now a KNOWN FACT that I am the number one author in billings. thanks.

What hardware do you use?

first is computer that my son set up for me in my room sometimes he says i cant use it with the door closed but now i can because he knows that im just writing tinglers. it is nice computer with big screen and makes loud clacking noise when you turn it on like a man is stuck inside i know thats not true though. only men inside my computer are men in tinglers and thats just a DREAM.

And what software?

computer has all kinds of programs for learning like one with a man who skis on a mountain called SKIMAN and another called SOLAR TEAR with card stacking you just sit there and pretty the button and then sometimes a card stack happens never won though pretty hard. then i use word mostly this is program made by man name of MIRCOSOFT ever heard of it? anyway thats the program that all tinglers come from this is where my son says to LEARN MY OWN HEART AND BODY. so bill grates from Mircosoft lets me type on this program and then when im done i use program called photoshop to make books real and thats when my son does his editing and then i put them online and make a million dollars this is a real treat for all buckaroos.

What would be your dream setup?

thanks. dream setup is a perfect computer that smiles cutely, asks how my day was say "oh pretty good computer not too shabby how are you?" computer goes. "good chuck you have a new email from CHANNING TATUM" and then i open the email and its a picture of the star of SPECIAL MIKE: A DANCERS DREAM STORY. so then the computer makes spagetti and chocolate milk and we play games all day and also computer knows how to float so its not in the way when son name of jon says i gotta clean. this would be the perfect computer for all men also maybe it could make a photo of all calves in a row to pick from, so you could look and say "this is the one for me," like the one that I like the most.