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Brock Wilbur

Writer, comedian

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Who are you, and what do you do?

Howdy. I'm Brock Wilbur. Defining what I do is difficult. 10 years ago I ran a record label out of central Kansas. I moved to LA to start working in TV and movies. I got very frustrated with turnaround times on production and jumped into stand-up comedy for the ability to have immediate feedback. As I was making a lot of dumb podcasts, I translated those skillsets into making a lot of important podcasts at places like Crooked Media, where Pod Save America and such shows come from.

I just moved to Kansas City with my wife so that I can run the local alt magazine The Pitch KC and I'm taking my free time to dip back into stand-up and music in a way I had left behind for a few years. In between all of this I've been writing at Riot Games, who makes League of Legends, for the last two years.

What hardware do you use?

My 15" MacBook Pro has survived four-ish years that it should not have. I go almost everywhere with various PC laptops that are job-based. At one point, thanks to the limitations of VPNs and such, I was taking three laptops with me everywhere I went. I'm in the process of rebuilding a recording studio. My wife and I just moved into a house that had a traditional MAN CAVE for the former owner and his friends to watch football games within. We just saw space for a recording studio so all the projection screens have been removed in favor of eggshell walls.

And what software?

Final Draft and InCopy are most of my life at this point. Trello is the thing that allows me to keep my life in line. Legitimately, I think its the one app that helped me overcome my ADHD? I spend a lot of time tweaking my To-Do list, but not nearly the amount of time I used to spend re-scrawling the same details page after page after page in the same notebook.

What would be your dream setup?

Most of what's sitting in front of me right now are Line 6 pedals that need to be tied to something and piles of synths that make me wish I remember what power cord went to what unit. My Gamechanger Audio PLASMA PEDAL High Voltage Distortion Unit is the latest feather in my audio cap, if only because I can see electricity making my sounds do louder, better sounds. But it is very pretty to watch lightning make my guitars go fuzzy. The Dream setup here is that at some point I would have the kind of PC that could handle everything I wanted, instead of depending on a slowly dying Mac laptop from a few years ago. Woof. Someone help. Hahah.