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Brianna Howard

Artist, tattooist

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Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Bri Howard, 26, Michigan. I'm an artist and tattooist.

What hardware do you use?

For tattooing I use rotary machines instead of coil machines. Rotaries are much lighter and ergonomic for my hands, so I can tattoo for longer and damage myself less. I use my computer and iPad Pro for designs. I can be much more efficient and versatile with designs this way, though I still love good ol' paper and pencil.

And what software?

I use Photoshop sometimes, but mostly Procreate on the iPad Pro with a Pencil. Sometimes I use the Amaziograph app for mandala designs. I love Procreate, it makes my designing process so much faster and more enjoyable. Plus if I need to make last minute changes, it's super easy. Don't like the color of the rose I drew for you? Swish of a finger, boom, now the red rose is blue. It's great!

What would be your dream setup?

Big open space with a tattoo station right in the middle. Art all over the walls, a little office for my computer and drawing, another room for my fine art studio space. If I could have a few different rotartary machines and every color of ink I could ever need, I'd be set, tattooing wise!

Fine art things... all the oils, watercolors, and Prismacolor pencils, and some sexy brushes from Trekkell Art Supplies. Mmm.

Oh, and micron pens falling from the sky would be great too!