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Adam Glazier

Interaction + sound designer (IDEO)

Who are you, and what do you do?

Hi, my name is Adam Glazier. I've been an interaction designer, developer and sound designer for the past 12 years and am currently working at IDEO. I've also been a musician and artist as long as I can remember. Currently my favorite thing to listen to is the Cardiacs.

What hardware do you use?

I do all of my work on a MacBook Pro Laptop (2.6GHz Duo / 4GB Ram). I use the laptop, post-it notes and sharpies to be portable when doing conversational / physical work like brainstorming and concepting. When production mode kicks in, I plug into a 23" Apple display with an Apple keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse.

For device prototyping, I use an iPhone, iPod Touch, Nexus One, Dell Streak, Acer Netbook with Android, HP Touchsmart.

For sound effects and music production, I have had a lot of gear over the years but find myself using much less since the computer can handle so much. I use a Pro Tools Mbox 2 sound card for microphone inputs, AKG C2000B + H100 microphone and AKG K701 headphones for the majority of tasks. If I need anything more, then I'll go to a recording / sound studio. And when a recording is nearly finished, I use a variety of computer speakers and shitty headphones to make sure the final mix sounds decent to the average joe.

And what software?

Interface design


Sound & Music

What would be your dream setup?

Dream 1: I'm happy with my setup in general. However I'm looking forward to having more processing power, so I can run more plugins and tracks when doing audio work.

Dream 2: I wish that my phone did everything my laptop does and also connected wirelessly to a screen and keyboard.

Dream 3: When designing screen based interfaces and designs, I find myself frustrated by the limitations of what the human brain can understand and how long it takes to express ideas. For instance, the same design with slightly different colors and sizes can appear to make no sense to users. I wish that my brain had a direct interface with digital space. With this, using the computer would feel more natural if not completely invisible, powerful and efficient.