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Shiek Wang

Art director (Destiny 2)

in designer, game, windows

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Shiek Wang, I am an art director at Bungie for the FPS loot shooter game Destiny 2.

What hardware do you use?

Currently with WFH during these pandemic times I am using a fairly simple HP laptop that I can VPN remote into work and log in to various cloud-based services the studio uses. I have a very small Wacom Bamboo tablet that I use to do draw over and paintovers. This set up allows me to be very mobile which lets me be with my family and still do productive work.

And what software?

Primary software of choice is Photoshop CS6, because I find it runs better standalone than on the cloud. That is the main art tool I use for creating visual guides/briefs/feedbacks. We also use ShotGrid a lot to track content version iterations, give feedback, and maintain alignment across departments. There's many other pieces of software, but those are either proprietary (like engine tools) or cloud-based (Office, Stadia, Confluence).

What would be your dream setup?

Feels like WFH has changed my perspective on what this is. I used to want a giant Cintiq that's a minimum of 24" to do my art and be a monitor, but now I find being nimble and mobile to be more advantageous for a balanced work and life split. I don't think what I want exists but if I could dream, I'd like AR glasses that project monitor screens that I can adjust according to my object space, and a simple keyboard and tablet I can carry around. This doesn't exist yet, but should!