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Scott Jenson

Android UX designer

in designer, interface, mac, windows

Who are you, and what do you do?

I research and develop next generation UX for Android. Most recently I did the "Shush" gesture on the latest Android P release which is all about promoting digital wellness. I'm also still very active in the Internet of Things, specifically around the UX of making smart devices work better.

What hardware do you use?

Just about everything, actually. My daily driver is a high end Chromebook, as the majority of my work these days is on the web, Gmail, Google Calendar, Hangouts of course, but also Figma for drawing and Dynalist for, well, EVERYTHING. I've used Macs for over 30 years (sheesh, that makes me feel old). At work I have a Mac Pro connected to a 4K 50" display (which actually raises some challenging UX issues) and at home an aging Mac Mini (come on, 12 September announcement!) as my home machine. However, I also have two Windows 10 laptops (a personal and corporate one) that I use occasionally.

Mobile I use a range of Android phones. I've currently got 3 with me: my Pixel 1 XL is my daily driver, but I also am using a Pixel 2 and, it shouldn't be a big surprise, I also am testing an unreleased Android.

I've been using Google Wear for 4+ years now but the primary use case is my own custom watch face, which shows the entire day as a single handed 24 hour circular face. This allows me to layout my days meetings as arcs on the edge so I can easily see my day at a glance. I don't use it for fitness tracking. I love the tension between having a 'slow time' single hand face with the desire to know EXACTLY what time it is right now (usually for meetings.) I've got about 20 variations and I'm always tweaking them.

I never use tablets.

I realize this puts me all over the map but I find it very helpful to be 'multi lingual' when it comes to various UIs.

And what software?

I alluded to that above - mostly web stuff. What I love about web apps is that I can use them (if they're written well) on any device. That data portability is critical to me.

My superstar and most favorite app in the world is Keynote (which I appreciate violates my previous rule) and I'm deeply saddened that Apple has mostly abandoned it. Now, before your readers jump all over me saying that Apple is actively updating Keynote, that's technically true, but the vast majority of their work is in the iPad version. Like most things at Apple these days, all they can think about is mobile.

I don't want to get into the ridiculous mobile vs desktop discussion as it's not one or the other, but for most (at least in the West for now) it's both. I'm a professional speaker and when I use Keynote it'll always be on a laptop, for the simple reason that it has a big display and a useful file system. I get rather worked up over the loss of functional file systems on mobile - it's a huge UX loss. I've written about this on my blog.

What would be your dream setup?

As I've played with so much hardware, what I dream about mostly is software and data more than the hardware itself. Ultimately I want most of my work to be available to all of my devices. We're getting there slowly, so I can use my phone on the go and the 50" 4K monitor at work. This applies not only to me, but my colleagues. Figma, for example, has revolutionized how we share designs. More of that please.