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Sara Mauskopf

CEO and co-founder, Winnie

in mac, product

Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Sara Mauskopf, the CEO and Co-founder of Winnie, an app that helps parents find great places to go with their kids and get the advice and information they need to be successful. Prior to founding Winnie, I worked as the Director of Product at Postmates, was a Product Manager at Twitter for 4 years and before that worked at YouTube and Google. I graduated with a Computer Science degree from MIT.

I currently live in San Francisco with my husband Eric and my daughter Bryn and another daughter on the way! Between my company and my family I don't have time for many hobbies but I love to explore new places with my daughter and enjoy the simple pleasures in life with her like going out to brunch and playing at the playground.

What hardware do you use?

I have probably the least ergonomic setup of anyone ever. I slouch in front of my MacBook Pro without any monitor or keyboard. I know it's terrible.

My phone is an iPhone 7 Plus. I also have a collection of Android phones I use for playing with Winnie on Android because it's really important to us to have best of class apps for Winnie on both iPhone and Android.

I have the best laptop bag in the world. Okay, it's technically a diaper bag, but I removed the changing pad and instead put my laptop inside the nice cushioned section and it is really an incredibly sturdy and versatile bag.

And what software?

So much software. When it comes to company tools, we use Slack really heavily, along with the Google suite of products (Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and Drive). We use Asana to track tasks we're working on, Sketch and Zeplin for design work, and Dropbox to share large files. I use Gusto for payroll and Pilot for bookkeeping. I also spend time on Facebook during the day (for work!) since we get quite a bit of traffic to Winnie through posting great Winnie content to our Facebook page and having it shared by our users on Facebook and other social media channels.

Much of Winnie runs on AWS like DynamoDB and CloudSearch. We use SendGrid to send emails and Mixpanel and Google Analytics to track our metrics.

As far as software for personal use goes, I'm a big social media user. I am addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course, Winnie.

What would be your dream setup?

I like to work in comfort so my dream setup would be to work from bed. That's not really possible when you're running a company (or in most jobs) so instead I'd like to get a nap pod like this for our office one day. I'd also like to have onsite childcare, an epic lactation room, and a fridge stocked with fresh fruit and healthy snacks.