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Who are you, and what do you do?

Hi, my name is Pirijan and I make the visual thinking tool It's a way to get thoughts out And connect them together to create new ideas and solve problems. I used it to make this. Before that, I co-created Glitch, a more approachable web development tool and community. If you're curious, I was born in Germany, grew up in Toronto, and was living in Brooklyn…although recently my visa expired, so I put all my stuff in storage and am looking for a home…somewhere.

What hardware do you use?

MacMini M1 (new). LG Ultrafine 5k monitor (4 years old). Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 (10+ years old. I bought my Happy Hacking Keyboard in 2011. I use it every day. Eagerly waiting to replace the outer case with the sunset norbouer heavy grail). Apple mighty mouse (10+ years old). Bose QC-3 headphones (5 years old). Knoll Generation Chair (7+ years old). Apple Trackpad (2 years old). Sakura Pigment Sensei art pens. Hanaduri Notebooks.

And what software?

I've been using a Macintosh for over a decade. I've built up a collection of small weird tools I can't live without: Sublime Text and Sublime Merge. TextEdit. Kinopio (of course). Fantastical. ColorSnapper. Jumpcut. Postico. Soulver.

What would be your dream setup?

From the 80s computers that I could type faster that they could display—to modern machines that stutter in Blender—they still haven't made a computer fast enough. But these days, I'm looking for a nice place to live, where I won't have to move in a couple years, and where there's always natural light and some plants in my eye-line. But also, Apple XDR: One day you will be mine [determined emoticon].