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Oleg Dolya

Indie game developer

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Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Oleg Dolya, I am a software developer from Moscow, Russia. I make procedural generators of all kinds, but mostly TTRPG and/or cartography related. Medieval Fantasy City Generator is probably the best-known of them. On my Twitter account I call myself an "indie game developer" which is justified by my six year old roguelike mobile game Pixel Dungeon.

What hardware do you use?

I have an HP Spectre x360 laptop (Windows) with an old Apple Thunderbolt monitor. It's pretty powerful, but probably because I use it with the closed lid, it overheats all the time. As a result its case is all bent now and I can't take it with me anywhere, the chance of its inner parts falling out is too real. My other laptop is a 2013 MacBook Pro, I use it from time to time for iOS and macOS related tasks. That's another laptop I can't use as a laptop: its battery is virtually dead.

My keyboard is some regular wireless Logitech and my current mouse is MX Anywhere 2S, which is the best mouse I ever had. For drawing I use Wacom Intuos (A5) - not sure what model it is. It's very simple and old.

I don't like to read on screen, so recently I have bought a Canon PIXMA printer. Now my desk is piled with printed documents, articles and TTRPG rules. This is wasteful and probably eco-unfriendly, but more comfortable than reading all the stuff I need to read at my computer.

My current phone is Google Pixel 3a. It was preceded by many other Google phones, Pixels and Nexuses - they don't live long. I have a small collection of old iOS devices which I use for testing my web applications.

And what software?

Everything I make these days, I make in Haxe. I use Visual Studio Code (after migrating from IDEA) for coding and GitHub for version control (although not as consistently as I should). I have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription of which I only really need Photoshop, but occasionally Illustrator, Premiere and Audition come in handy as well. For "office" tasks I use Google Docs and Slack.

What would be your dream setup?

It would be really great to trade my corner in the living room for a real study room. I've been dreaming about a nice plotter or 3D printer or laser cutter, but apart from money all these toys require a proper place for work (a study room!). A more grounded idea is to get a new MacBook to be able to work in a cafe or something like that.