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Nora Reed

Twitter bot artist

in developer, windows

Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Nora Reed, and mostly I'm known for making Twitter bots. My most well known ones are @thinkpiecebot, @infinite_scream, and @TumblrSimulator, but I have over 70.

What hardware do you use?

Currently, I use an ASUS ROG G752VY-DH72 gaming laptop - I wanted a PC that I could take to my lovefriend's house so that we can play Overwatch together from the same room, and I use the same machine for my bot work/writing/etc.

I also use a Logitech M570 trackball mouse, which, since it's a trackball, I can put anywhere. Right now I'm sitting cross-legged and it's on my foot.

I had to buy a special backpack to carry this monster of a laptop around, and Brinch is the only company that makes one that doesn't scream "gamer". I can put all my computer stuff in there and carry it around, though.

And what software?

I do most of my work from inside Chrome; I code everything in Tracery's visual editor and then copy it over to Cheap Bots Done Quick when I'm done. I often make lists in Notepad and then use to turn them into usable code.

What would be your dream setup?

I'm pretty happy with what I have, my only complaint is that the only laptop that I can use for both my art and gaming weighs approximately six thousand pounds. I could probably just get a lighter laptop to work on, but I am stubborn about using one machine to do everything. My dream setup is probably the same as what I'm already using, except with some kind of robot butler that carried it all around for me.