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Lucie Paterson

Head of Experience, Product & Digital (ACMI)

in designer, mac, product

Who are you, and what do you do?

Kia ora. I'm Lucie and I work at ACMI in Melbourne, Australia as Head of Experience, Product & Digital. ACMI is the national museum of screen culture, so think film, TV, videogames, digital/internet art and that's us. I lead a team that designs and builds experiences and products for visitors for when they're at the museum and at home. I'm from Aotearoa New Zealand and before ACMI I worked there at the national museum, Te Papa and then spent five years in London working at Southbank Centre, a massive arts centre. All in digital roles, moving from marketing into product and user experience, service design and now strategic design across the museum. ACMI reopened as a multi-platform museum in October 2020 and in February 2021 opened its physical doors following a major redevelopment.

What hardware do you use?

I currently use a 13-inch 2017 MacBook Pro (soon to be upgraded) and iPhone XR for work, and given all the Melbourne lockdowns they came home with me too. I have a larger Dell screen I plug my laptop into. I use a laptop stand and have Apple wireless keyboard and mouse. I move from the office to my dining room table, couch and bed regularly so the flexible setup suits me. Getting back to the office a couple of days a week has been a delight and a reminder that offices are designed for this kind of thing and my dining room table and chair is not. I got some pretty nice kit to record with sent for a conference recently, lighting too, so I've held onto that. I use Bose noise cancelling headphones and have a simple wee Wonderboom speaker.

And what software?

I use Slack for communicating at work and also with other organisations I am part of, like the NDF in Aotearoa and special interest groups. I use Trello for the team's product roadmap, sprint planning and project/task management and some processes/workflows like how do events get ticketed and published on the website. We use GitHub for our code repository and Confluence as the museum's knowledge base. I use Notion for my own work tasks and notes and personal stuff too. Moved from Evernote and will probably move to the next best thing at some point soon. I use Instapaper for bookmarking articles and websites to check out and storing highlights. Gmail for person email. Sadly, Outlook and other Microsoft things for work. I use Miro for virtual whiteboarding for online and in-person workshops and mapping out workflows and processes and anything really that I need to get consensus on with a group. Sometimes MURAL, a more attractive but less intuitive and collaborative version of this. Figma for wireframing and prototypes products and features. I contribute to the ACMI Labs on Medium so I'm in there a bit. 1Password for storing all my secrets.

What would be your dream setup?

For home I'd love a beautiful, Australian made standing desk that fits in my living room, and a well-designed office chair. Shelves up the wall for work-related literature, stationary, plants, headphones etc. And space for a whiteboard for post its, a wall planner and doodling would also be great. The latest MacBook Pro would be pretty nice, and add an iPhone 13 with some AirPods to the list.

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