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Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Lemon and I make websites.

Which ones? Well, I've made a lot of dumb websites and silly games like, and Pretend World, but I've only recently tried to experiment with multiplayer games, and so I started a platform for those called

In addition to all of those, I also host a show called The F Plus, and that's been going on since 2009. But it's still fun, so we keep doing it.

Before the pandemic hit I was doing some international speaking at tech conferences. Now that those have all gone virtual, I still do that, but it's not nearly as fun.

What hardware do you use?

I tend to do my work on Windows machines. My main computer is an Intel i7 tower with 3 monitors. 2 horizonal 24" ViewSonics, and one really old square LG monitor. Attached to that is this BEJOY mechanical keyboard, which I wouldn't recommend. It feels good, but it advertises itself as "Quiet", and it is not. Anyway, I also use this Anker Ergonomic Mouse, and there's a Blue Yeti on a boom arm and a Logitech webcam.

I use my laptop pretty infrequently, but it's an Asus Zenbook. It runs pretty well, but I spilled soda on it once during a talk in Sydney, so I have to carry a keyboard with me to be able to type on it.

I've got a couple of Nvidia Shields in my house, which are plugged into the network for video games & tv watchin'. My phone is a Google Pixel 3a.

And what software?

Okay, rather than dump a list of software, I'm gonna try to split this up based on what what I do on a computer...

When I'm making a website for myself...

I'll be doing all the code in Visual Studio Code, and doing all my HTML/JS/CSS preprocessing thru Prepros (because I don't like the command line) and look at the results in Vivaldi. I'll check in stuff regularly using GitHub Desktop (because I don't like the command line), and if I need to make an image, I'll use Affinity Photo.

When I'm making a website for money...

I'm still writing code in Visual Studio Code, but might be using Gulp instead of Prepros, observing the results in Firefox Developer Edition and Chrome Dev. If it's PHP based, then I've got XAMPP running. I'm probably working with a designer so I've got Adobe XD or Photoshop open for that. Teams for text communications with the people involved and Mailspring when I need to send an email.

When I'm podcasting...

Audio conversations are had in a Discord server with each participant recording their own audio locally. There will be a lot of documents passed around, and that's all done with Google Docs. When I edit, I edit things together with Audacity. I've tried other stuff, but Audacity is always the fastest for me. When a file is exported, it gets one last pass thru Mp3tag before being FTP'd up to the site with Filezilla and then processed by the webserver. In the rare event that I'm doing something with video, recording would be OBS and editing is Filmora.


I bullied most of my friends into using Telegram, so that handles most of my personal texting. For music I use YouTube Music, which is clearly worse than Spotify, but you get ad-free YouTube with it, so eh. Pocket Casts for podcast listening. The Shields are both running Kodi, which handles all my media watching, and then video games are either Steam or Epic (depending).

What would be your dream setup?

Honestly, the main thing I'd like in an office right now is to be in it less often.