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Lee Martin

Designer, developer

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Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Lee Martin. I'm a developer who has been helping artists market themselves online for over 12 years. In that time, I have been everything from a MySpace profile designer to Dave Grohl's personal nerd to the Experimental Developer (and first US employee) at SoundCloud. I have worked with major labels and indie bands, rockers and rappers and everything in between.

What hardware do you use?

At the moment I have a 1st generation MacBook Pro Retina which just alerted me that I might need to service the battery. Great. I guess I might own the new MacBook Pro soon? Regardless, I want to go on record to say: Fuck you Apple and your shitty wires. I don't think I've owned a single adapter or USB cable for less than 6 months before it became frayed on both ends and threatened to burn my apartment down. Anyway... iPad Air, iPhone 6 normal, etc. My Mighty Mouse died but I think that one was my fault. I bought a new one.

I have some AIAIAI headphones for working at coffee shops but I gave that up this year so I stick to my home's Sonos system to play Drake while I work. I spend a lot of time on paper with my 23 pack of Sharpies. 24? Oh yeah, someone stole my blue. I'll find you motherfucker. Good ass pencils and an ol' Boston vacuum mount to keep them sharp.

And what software?

I've moved on from Sublime Text to Atom because Sublime kept dropping my CoffeeScript formatting. I like to take on bite-sized pieces of all my projects in CodePen first and then bring everything into a Ruby/Sinatra project once I'm confident I can pull it off the bulk of it in a single sprint. I send my clients video demos of projects in progress (which I record with ScreenFlow) so I don't have to fill support requests when they view the website in IE7. iTerm connects me to the Matrix. I'm a proud member of Adobe CC and have been teaching myself not to hate Sketch. Oh, and I quite like Rogue Amoeba's audio software like Fission.

What would be your dream setup?

Since I'm working from home now I'm likely going to swap this MacBook Pro for a desktop option (maybe that trash can or the new iMac) and something much more mobile like a MacBook Air. That could be nice. However, if I'm left alone and the right ideas come along, I'm quite happy with my setup at the moment. It works and I can't complain too much. Maybe Apple understands they're just not good at wires and that's why they keep removing ports? Touché.