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John McAfee

Security consultant

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Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is John McAfee. I have spent my entire life (I am currently 68) developing security and privacy software systems, and consulting to corporations and governments in containment and national security. One of my more successful creations was The McAfee Information Security Company, which recently announced that they were changing the name of their products.

It may have been because of my recent video. My most notorious association, I believe, was with the government of Belize.

What hardware do you use?

My tools for national security consulting are primarily a semi-auto .22 rifle with a silencer. They are virtually completely silent and can pierce car doors and other light armor. They are perfect for urban environments.

My accessory tools are mostly extremely strong espresso and research chemicals from China that are classed as "Smart Drugs". They allow me to solve 2nd order partial differential equations in my head and to spontaneously create 4 dimensional images of software structures that I can mentally manipulate.

I also do my most productive security designs while having extended sex. I apologize if you think I am pulling your legs but, God's truth, these are the facts.

But you probably have more of an interest in the computer or smartphone hardware that I use.

I change phones every two weeks to avoid being tagged by the NSA or some other agency, so I favor hardware systems that allow for quick and easy data transfer between phones. While I originally used iPhones, I now exclusively use Samsung Android phones. I just threw away my Samsung Galaxy after purchasing a Samsung Note 3. The screen is large enough that I believe I can abandon my iPad mini completely in favor of using the Note 3 exclusively. It should be obvious to even the most casual observer that the need for a phone, a notepad, a laptop and a desktop are rapidly converging.

And what software?

My favorite real-time software is the XM153 remote control software that comes standard with the XM153 50 caliber machine gun.

It is solid, never crashes, easy to use and easy to install.

For my Android systems, I favor Smart Voice Recorder. With the speaker turned on, it easily records both the caller and the receiver and is easy to install, and free.

My second favorite app is the Radio Paradiso app. They have an uncanny knack of digging up those rare gems of music that the rest of the world forgot.

What would be your dream setup?

My dream setup would be the Samsung Note 3, with an equivalent compliment of software that comes with the high-end Windows graphic systems. Such does not yet exist but I will wait.