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Jessie Frazelle

Software engineer (Google, Docker)

in developer, linux

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Jessie Frazelle - some people call me "Jess", but I pretty much answer to anything except "Jessica". I'm a software engineer at Google. Most notably you might know me from being a maintainer of Docker and "running everything in containers". I am also a contributor to a lot of other open source projects such as runC and golang. I'm currently working on making containers more secure. I absolutely love all things Linux.

What hardware do you use?

Let's see... I have quite a few setups, so I'll go over each of them.

  1. 486DX Insight box with a CRT monitor. It runs MS-DOS 6. Yes, it has a turbo button. The keyboard is not a IBM Model M, but very similar and made by Insight as well. The CRT is an amber monochrome monitor. This computer has a story behind it - my grandpa worked for Motorola on the first computers, then opened his own consulting practice. He wrote Motorola's variation of COBOL, which I interpret as equivalent to a "fork" today. I actually found an old newspaper ad for his department - hence, the computer from Insight (another Arizona-based computer company). It's a custom-built machine. Thankfully when I popped it open he had labeled everything. I have a bunch of 5" and 3" floppies for it - Some games (Flight Simulator & Kid Pix) but mostly code he wrote himself, which I thoroughly enjoy digging into. He also gave me a crazy amount of programming books.

  2. Dell XPS 13 running Debian Sid. 9343/9350 model. This is my baby. I absolutely love it. It works perfectly for "Linux on the desktop". I have had both the 8GB and 16GB models and both are awesome.

  3. Dell Chromebook running stock Chrome OS. It has 8GB RAM. I absolutely LOVE Chrome OS. It works perfectly and is awesome for traveling. You can give talks with Google slides or whatever your flavor, and not have to worry about xrandr (which I never worry about because I'm a pro - kidding :D). But it's amazing. People told me about it for a while and I didn't believe them, because I love my containers, but let me shout it to the world now: Chrome OS is AWESOME.

I also have the SONOS surround sound speakers, and I'm waiting for Matthew Garrett to come over and hack my sound system.

I use Yubikeys for basically all 2FA, SSH, and GPG.

And what software?

Globally: I use vim (specifically neovim), and my configuration is here. This also works for plain old vim as well.

Dell XPS 13: I use i3 as my window manager and have converted SO many people to do the same. My setup is quite specific - I run literally everything in containers. I've given a few talks on it and written a few blog posts. You can find my install script in my dotfiles, plus all the aliases for running everything in containers.

Chromebook: I do not use crouton. All I use if I need a terminal is the SSH extension to tunnel into a remote box.

What would be your dream setup?

A mainframe. Something so powerful I could just laugh mwahhahahahaha and stroke a white cat.