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Jesse Thorn

Podcaster (Maximum Fun, Bullseye), editor (Put This On)

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Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Jesse Thorn. I own, which is a podcast network. I also host and produce the NPR program Bullseye, and am the publisher and editor of the menswear blog Put This On.

What hardware do you use?

At home, I use a Windows 7 PC that I bought a couple years ago at Costco. With a Microsoft mouse and ergonomic keyboard that I kept from the computer before that. And a 22" screen. Honestly, I like desktop computers. Outside of being a bit ugly, I like big screens and full-size keyboards and all that stuff.

At the office and on the road I use a Lenovo Ultrabook. I actually use it to work, and I can't imagine trying to send a bunch of emails or write a script or cut tape on a tablet.

My phone is an old Samsung Windows Phone 7, which I got for free a few years ago for being a Social Media Influencer, right after my iPhone broke. I like it, but wish there was an app. I'm just getting to the point of buying a new phone. Might go back to the iPhone, might stick with Windows Phone. Haven't decided.

We record with Shure SM7 microphones and a Mackie Onyx mixer. I've heard that I should get some more hardware for my voice, like an exciter or a compressor or a tube amp or something. I don't have any of these things, and it seems like a hassle to learn about them. At home I have a Rode Podcaster, which I use once in a while when I can't get into the studio.

I take pictures of my family and pictures for Put This On with a Pentax K-01, which is a really handsome little camera. I use the 40mm lens it came with for everything. I am a bad photographer, but it is amazing how much a decent modern camera papers over that.

And what software?

I use Adobe Audition to record and edit, though my editor prefers Sony Vegas, so he uses that. I've been using Audition since it cost $20 and was called Cool Edit, and while it costs $300 or something now, it is basically exactly the same for my purposes.

I usually write in browser for blog posts, and in Notepad for the radio show. Very high tech. The only downside is that Notepad doesn't auto-save, so I'm always worried I'm going to accidentally delete everything. I twitchily press CTRL-S like I was using WordPerfect in 1988 or something.

I use Excel for budgeting and stuff, and an ancient version of Photoshop (CS2) for image cropping and the like.

What would be your dream setup?

I guess just the new version of all of those things? But maybe it has less cables? Cables are annoying and ugly. And if there was an ergonomic keyboard that was also click-y, I would like that.