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Jacky Alcine

Software developer (Glitch)

in developer, linux, windows

Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Jacky Alcine, using he/him/his pronouns. I'm a software developer that puts a lot on his place, community advocate for cooperative economics and sustainability and a wanna-be historian.

What hardware do you use?

A lot of it is Dell stuff. My personal laptop is the Dell XPS 13 (the 7373 model) so you'll catch me with it folded sometimes reading over documents, specs or watching video. It's really my road warrior and the most used machine in my tool-set. It runs Kubuntu with beta updates because I like testing software on my production machine (don't do this, lol).

At home, I have a decent PC. It runs both Windows 10 Insider and Kubuntu (on stable). It's on a decent core (Intel i5-3570K) and has about 8 GB of RAM. I might look into upgrading in the future. I use it for video editing, gaming and live streaming from my laptop to it. It also doubles as a semi-hub for all of my storage at home. I keep a rented server (VPS) over with DigitalOcean but I'm planning to make my home computer into something of a server that isn't headless.

And what software?

For text editing, I use Neovim. I've been using Vim for well over 6 years now and I don't see me stopping. For work, I rely on VS Code and WSL due to me working on a Windows environment. I do see myself longing for the speed of Linux but more markets of the people who I see using the things I work end up being on Windows, due to the hegemony Microsoft has on personal computing.

What would be your dream setup?

I'm really getting into the 4K scene now. After starting at Glitch, I was shipped a 4K monitor and even the code looks better on it. When I get the time, I'm definitely opting to get a 4K screen.

When it comes to system setup, I'd love to have everything in my home decked out in open source hardware or targeted hardware towards open behaviors. That means I'd probably opt for the following:

  • Laptop: System76 Galago with KDE Plasma installed on Ubuntu
  • PC/Server: System76 Thelio with KDE Plasma installed on it with Windows 10 dualbooted
  • Monitor: Two LG 27UL500-W monitors mounted up
  • Keyboard: CODE keyboard
  • Desk: Uplift 120 Degree standing desk