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Who are you, and what do you do?

i am jes. i'm a dreamer, empath, existentialist, and lover of humanity.

i'm existential, asexual, anxious, depressed. i've always been a sad weird guy & an outcast. i'm a former drug abuser & self harmer.

i mention these things bc i think it's important that other people who struggle with this kind of stuff feel seen & not alone.

well, i see you.

and even if i don't know you, i feel love for you.

you can always reach me at or on mastodon - i do my best to respond.

as far as tech goes, i helped found and, and i help maintain them. i write on my website at and hang out in the cyberia matrix server & merveilles mastodon server.

i love software that is simple, maintainable, aesthetic, fast, and reliable. i write most of my software in golang & shell. a few of my projects i'm most proud of are:

i live in a van rn and i travel around the usa. my current location is on my mastodon profile - if you're nearby, let me know! i would so very love to meet you.

What hardware do you use?

i'm pretty picky about my hardware.

i use a framework laptop as my main computer! when i'm at a desk, i have a logitech g pro mouse & a keychron q2 keyboard, and they're both nice!!

my headset is a razer blackshark - i like it because it fits nicely around my glasses, and pinched glasses give me a headache. i find i can wear it for a few hours!!

my chair is an old steelcase leap, i found it at an office sale - it's very comfy!

my desk is a piece of plywood suspended by a wire and a 2x4, and i use an arbitrary 27 inch 120hz monitor.

And what software?

i'm a sucker for convenience & simplicity, and arch + sway has just been a dream combo for me. i have played with hyprland & use it periodically, but it's still a lot less stable than good old sway.

my editor of choice is neovim, and i edit most code without any modern completion features.

i like the constraint of using a bare editor. it forces me to keep parts of my project in my head, which drives me towards simpler & more intuitive designs.

here's a bunch of other random stuff that i use & love using:

== workstation ==

misc: kanshi, qemu, docker, keyd, yay, chruby, rg.

== server ==

you can check out my dotfiles if you want, there's a bunch of stuff that i use all the time in there:

finally: shoutout to openbsd, plan 9, debian, alpine, gentoo, and chimera linux!

What would be your dream setup?

a big pile of my friends in 1 place.

computers are extinct.

we smile & dance together & watch each others eyes flicker for eternity.