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Floor Drees

Junior developer, education aficionado

in developer, mac

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Floor Drees, I'm a Dutchie living and working in Vienna, Austria. I studied Graphic Design in Rotterdam, worked as a Community Manager for about 5 years and now fiddle around with CSS and Rails after I realized in August last year that I miss making 'stuff'.

I've organized a Rails Girls event in Rotterdam in January and have another one planned for September this year in The Hague. I'm the co-organizer of the Ruby developer and WordPress user group meetups in Vienna and I'm setting up a Python workshop for aspiring girl coders.

What hardware do you use?

I own a MacBook Air, an iPhone 4 (with a Dutch plan) and a Galaxy Camera running Android 4.1 (yup, Jellybean!). The latter is my gadget of choice lately. It's an incredible tool that allows me to share good quality pictures and thoughts from the tech events I (co-)organize with the Interwebs. The flat I share with my boyfriend sports a Raspberry Pi farm and all kinds of blinking Arduino stuff.

And what software?

I use most programs that come with Adobe Creative Suite, a remainder of my years at the art academy. You'll find Illustrator and/or Photoshop open on my computer almost every day. Still learning, I read a lot of documentation on my laptop as well. Textmate is my favorite text-editor for coding stuff and I use iTerm. Spotify is practically always on, as is the GitHub for Mac application.

Being abroad I like to keep in touch with the mother ship in the Netherlands, and with my Vienna friends whenever I visit Rotterdam or some other city in Europe. I like Europe.

What would be your dream setup?

Tablets aren't really my thing as I need a keyboard, but I don't want to carry a heavy laptop around all the time, hence the MacBook Air. I'd love to have a big, fat (or rather: slim) iMac though, that syncs neatly with my laptop, for my home office. And/or a ThinkPad, to make me less prone to hackers at the conferences I attend. At the CCC last year, the hackedy-hackers couldn't get enough of hacking my iPhone. That's funny and all, until you try to have a serious conversation with your mum that you haven't seen for months.

But the real dream setup would be a neat space somewhere in Vienna, with 20 something laptops, decent WiFi, desks, a coffee machine and a beamer so that I can start my own little coding school. Teaching girls the workings of whatever programming language in the evenings and helping kids out during the day. And don't forget about the pensionados. I'd love to organize workshops to help them get their online banking done safely and teach them the workings of Skype so they can stay in touch with relatives.