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Della Katessen


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Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Della Katessen. I am a biological woman (aka Drag Queen) in Melbourne. Due to Auntie Covid-19, I have taken my Fabulous events like Della Katessen's Fabulous Fact Hunt Quiz and Della Katessen's Fabulous Ball Drop Bingo online. I do private parties, corporate gigs and everything in between for anyone and everyone to attend... well, as long as they pay the bill first.

What hardware do you use?

I use my brand spanking new 27" 2020 iMac (my previous MacBook couldn't handle OBS and Zoom at the same time, the battery % would be going down as I hosted and it used to freak me out). I also use a Rodecaster Pro for my mic, music and sound effects plus an Elgato Stream Deck so I can quickly change scenes and all of the fabulous lighting in my 'studio' (fancy word for spare bedroom).

And what software?

Zoom (obvi) in which I have set up a Virtual Camera through OBS so I can create scenes and make it all look really slick. My goal is that it doesn't feel like you are about to be on yet another Zoom call so as soon as you join, there is music playing and cool animations on the screen before I make my grand entrance. Then I flick between scenes, videos, screenshares with ease using the ones I have already created.

What would be your dream setup?

I'm pretty happy where I am at now. I would like to add more scenes, maybe even some cool transitions in OBS. I would also like to play around with a green screen to see if I can transport myself into 2021 or somewhere other than bloody 2020 lel. I just need more time to play around.

The thing that I used to love about my laptop was that I could do these things whilst sitting on the couch. Whilst I love the iMac and it's the best purchase I have made in a while, I hate having to sit at a desk. Maybe I could get a cheap laptop just to stuff around, but I need more bookings to buy one, so BOOK ME.