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Amelia Marzec


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Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Amelia Marzec, and I'm an artist working with installation, live art, and sound art. I've been creating projects that observe communication failure, and I've been trying to re-build telecommunications infrastructure (phones, internet, radios) and the methods to build it using as much trash as possible. These have included an electronics cooperative, where people barter and use electronic waste to manufacture electronics; and a news media center, where a homemade weather station informed a series of forecasts that incorporated people's fears and superstitions.

What hardware do you use?

So much hardware, but usually materials that other people don't want, or the simplest possible solution to a problem. Old Android phones. Damaged or poor quality audio equipment, I really enjoy how they have their own individual character. I use Arduinos a lot, and sometimes other modules; micro radio modules, FMST-100 is nice. Cheap sensors. I have a handful of Radio Shack/discount store mics. An unpredictable laser printer from an office. Obviously multimeters, soldering stuff. I use a sewing machine, and I have a couple cameras, mostly for documentation. I build a decent amount of stuff so sometimes need access to a woodshop. I use paint samples from the hardware store; plastic bags and plastic sheeting; aluminum pans, street wood. A notebook. Oh, and a Mac laptop.

And what software?

Adobe software, MS Office, otherwise it's pretty minimal. Sometimes an IDE, for small things I'll just code in a text editor. A small local server. Terminal. Audacity. Processing. Google Docs/Drive/Analytics. Firefox. A calendar. SelfControl app.

What would be your dream setup?

These days I'm thinking a lot about space and archiving, what to have online / offline, to have climate-controlled space. To be able to share more equipment or maybe have my own shop. I've been in a live-work situation for a while now, and having dedicated workspace helps, but time management, deadlines, and community are equally as important!