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Vanessa Matsalla

Interior designer (Studio Matsalla)

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Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Vanessa Matsalla and I'm the owner and interior designer at Studio Matsalla boutique & design studio. We're a full service residential interior design firm and retail shop based out of the quaint SoCal beach-town Carlsbad, California. I basically help people make their homes look beautiful and their hearts happy.

What hardware do you use?

I use a 13" MacBook Pro to support the software needed to run my biz. I also carry around a Samsung NX300M to take photos at client site visits. I also always have my my iPhone 6 and iPad mini 3 on hand because they serve as a tablet during my meetings, in case we need to look up inspiration photos or show each other an idea we came across that we want to share.

And what software?

I use AutoCAD, QuickBooks and Pixelmator on a daily basis. I'm also a heavy user of Google Docs to maintain and manage my projects while sharing them live with my clients.

AutoCAD is essential for my kitchen and bathroom remodel projects. I use it to space plan and create elevations in order to communicate my design for contractors to build on, and for my clients to get a sense of what their future kitchen or bathroom is going to look like.

Pixelmator is my favorite tool. I create mood boards and collages to show my clients aesthetically how I'm pulling their spaces together. I could use Photoshop, but you can't beat the inexpensive price tag of Pixelmator.

Lastly, QuickBooks keeps my time billing and business ultra-organized. I don't know how I'd operate without it.

What would be your dream setup?

My dream set up would be the new gold Macbook with a 27in Thunderbolt display. Those are my next essential purchases in the next 6 months!