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A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.

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A picture of Nick Heer

Nick Heer

Web designer, developer (Pixel Envy)

A picture of Andrew Janjigian

Andrew Janjigian

Senior Editor (Cook's Illustrated), bread baking instructor (King Arthur)

A picture of Brodie Lancaster

Brodie Lancaster

Writer, editor

A picture of Sara Mauskopf

Sara Mauskopf

CEO and co-founder, Winnie

A picture of Helen Rosner

Helen Rosner

Food correspondent (The New Yorker)

A picture of Emily Griffin

Emily Griffin

Illustrator, stylist

A picture of Samantha Goldstein

Samantha Goldstein

Software engineer (Etsy)

A picture of Gareth Reid

Gareth Reid

Whisky distiller (Kingsbarns Distillery)

A picture of Bertrand Fan

Bertrand Fan

Engineer (Slack)

A picture of Jenn Sandercock

Jenn Sandercock

Game designer