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A picture of Lily Nishita

Lily Nishita

Graphic designer, illustrator (Naughty Dog)

A picture of George Oates

George Oates

Designer, founder of Good, Form & Spectacle

A picture of Mariel Cartwright

Mariel Cartwright

Art director, lead animator (Indivisible, Skullgirls)

A picture of Rex Crowle

Rex Crowle

Game designer, illustrator (LittleBigPlanet, Knights And Bikes)

A picture of Ada Palmer

Ada Palmer

Science fiction & fantasy novelist, history professor, musician

A picture of Rachel Hyman

Rachel Hyman

Software developer, writer, publisher

A picture of Amanda Cohen

Amanda Cohen

Chef, owner (Dirt Candy)

A picture of Avocado



A picture of Viviane Schwarz

Viviane Schwarz

Writer, illustrator, creator

A picture of Emma Winston

Emma Winston

PhD student, musician, botmaker