Uses This

A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.

May 2017

There are 9 interviews this month.

A picture of Peter Bourgon

Peter Bourgon

Distributed systems developer (Fastly)

A picture of Jasmine Greenaway

Jasmine Greenaway

Developer, GitHub Editor Tools

A picture of David Lublin

David Lublin

Developer, artist, co-founder (VIDVOX)

A picture of Delilah Dawson

Delilah Dawson


A picture of Cate Huston

Cate Huston

Mobile lead, Automattic

A picture of Nora Reed

Nora Reed

Twitter bot artist

A picture of Katie Rose Pipkin

Katie Rose Pipkin

Artist, developer

A picture of Zahra Zainal

Zahra Zainal

Illustrator, graphic recorder

A picture of Jenn Schiffer

Jenn Schiffer

Artist, engineer (Fog Creek)