Uses This

A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.

May 2012

There are 13 interviews this month.

A picture of Ian Hickson

Ian Hickson

Standards editor, HTML specification

A picture of Jonathan Corbet

Jonathan Corbet

Linux kernel contributor, editor (LWN)

A picture of John MacFarlane

John MacFarlane

Philosophy professor, developer (pandoc, gitit)

A picture of Ethan Schoonover

Ethan Schoonover

Designer, developer (Kinkless, Solarized)

A picture of James Duncan Davidson

James Duncan Davidson

Photographer (TED), developer, writer

A picture of Andrei Alexandrescu

Andrei Alexandrescu

Research scientist (Facebook)

A picture of Kellan O'Connor

Kellan O'Connor

Engineer (SpaceX)

A picture of Paula Pell

Paula Pell

Actor (30 Rock, Parks and Recreation), writer (SNL)

A picture of Eric S Raymond

Eric S Raymond

OSS developer, writer ('The Cathedral and the Bazaar')

A picture of Chris Zane

Chris Zane

Record producer, engineer and mixer