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A picture of Damien Miller

Damien Miller

Open-source developer (OpenSSH, OpenBSD)

A picture of Mitchell Hashimoto

Mitchell Hashimoto

Entrepeneur, developer (Vagrant)

A picture of Gerard Holzmann

Gerard Holzmann

Software researcher (JPL), developer (Spin)

A picture of Brian Kernighan

Brian Kernighan

Computer scientist (Unix), writer

A picture of Matt Gemmell

Matt Gemmell

Mac and iOS developer

A picture of Nick Bradbury

Nick Bradbury

Software developer (FeedDemon, Glassboard)

A picture of Cameron Walters

Cameron Walters

Software engineer (Apcera, Square, Domainr)

A picture of Michael Natkin

Michael Natkin

Software developer, cook

A picture of Joe Armstrong

Joe Armstrong

Software developer (Erlang)

A picture of Chris Dahlen

Chris Dahlen

Video game writer, coder