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A picture of joshua stein

joshua stein

Developer (Pushover, Lobsters)

A picture of Greg Maletic

Greg Maletic

Developer (Panic), illustrator

A picture of Bo Adepoju

Bo Adepoju

Silicon architecture engineer (Intel)

A picture of Judd Vinet

Judd Vinet

Software engineer (Arch Linux), CTO (Bet Smart Media)

A picture of Carlos Bueno

Carlos Bueno

Software developer (MemSQL), writer

A picture of Sam Lavigne

Sam Lavigne

Programmer, artist

A picture of Brendan Gregg

Brendan Gregg

Senior performance architect (Netflix)

A picture of George Nachman

George Nachman

Software developer (Google Search App, iTerm2)

A picture of Terry Davis

Terry Davis

Developer (TempleOS)

A picture of John McAfee

John McAfee

Security consultant