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A picture of Dhanji Prasanna

Dhanji Prasanna

Hacker, ex-Googler (Wave, Plus, Search)

A picture of Liza Daly

Liza Daly

Software engineer, President of Threepress

A picture of Toby Boudreaux

Toby Boudreaux

Technologist, programmer, product designer

A picture of Brad Fitzpatrick

Brad Fitzpatrick

Developer (LiveJournal, memcached)

A picture of Brett Terpstra

Brett Terpstra

Developer, AOL Tech (Engadget, TUAW) and nvALT

A picture of Richard Jones

Richard Jones

Developer (, IRCCloud)

A picture of Coda Hale

Coda Hale

Infrastructure architect (Yammer)

A picture of Mike Krieger

Mike Krieger

Co-founder of Instagram

A picture of Zed Shaw

Zed Shaw

Developer, writer and musician

A picture of Zara Gonzalez Hoang

Zara Gonzalez Hoang

Designer, illustrator, developer, screen printer