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A picture of Robin Zebrowski

Robin Zebrowski

Assistant professor of cognitive science

A picture of Andrei Alexandrescu

Andrei Alexandrescu

Research scientist (Facebook)

A picture of Michelle Borkin

Michelle Borkin

Researcher and scientific visualiser (Harvard)

A picture of Max Shron

Max Shron

Data scientist (Shron LLC, ex-OkCupid)

A picture of Thomson Nguyen

Thomson Nguyen

Data scientist (Lookout Mobile Security)

A picture of Jessica Hammer

Jessica Hammer

Game psychologist, designer

A picture of Hugo Liu

Hugo Liu

Taste researcher, Chief Scientist (Hunch)

A picture of Amber Case

Amber Case

Cyborg anthropologist, UX designer

A picture of Vijay Pande

Vijay Pande

Stanford professor, director of Folding@home

A picture of Drew Conway

Drew Conway

Researcher (terrorism, maths, stats, machine learning)