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A picture of Fritz van Deventer

Fritz van Deventer

Developer, musician (Cheeses of Mexico)

A picture of Jessica Boudreaux

Jessica Boudreaux

Musician (Summer Cannibals)

A picture of Ada Palmer

Ada Palmer

Science fiction & fantasy novelist, history professor, musician

A picture of Emma Winston

Emma Winston

PhD student, musician, botmaker

A picture of Maggie Vail

Maggie Vail

Executive director (CASH Music), musician (Hurry Up)

A picture of Carly McCarthy

Carly McCarthy

Filmmaker, musician, illustrator

A picture of Brad Sucks

Brad Sucks


A picture of Jewel Loree

Jewel Loree

Data analyst (Tableau), bass player (Golden Idols)

A picture of Peter Hollo

Peter Hollo

Musician (FourPlay, raven, Tangents, Haunts)

A picture of Sadie Dupuis

Sadie Dupuis

Musician (Speedy Ortiz), poet