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A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.

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A picture of Daniel Zarick

Daniel Zarick

Developer, designer (Shortwave)

A picture of Dana Schwartz

Dana Schwartz

Entertainment writer (The Observer)

A picture of Douglas Wilson

Douglas Wilson

Assistant professor, co-founder of Die Gute Fabrik

A picture of Jeff Dean

Jeff Dean

Developer, researcher (Google)

A picture of Ben Esposito

Ben Esposito

Independent game developer (Tattletail, Donut Country)

A picture of Daniel Schauenberg

Daniel Schauenberg

Staff engineer (Etsy)

A picture of Matt Lubchansky

Matt Lubchansky

Cartoonist (Please Listen to Me)

A picture of Jenny Odell

Jenny Odell

Conceptual artist

A picture of Lucy Bellwood

Lucy Bellwood

Adventure Cartoonist (Baggywrinkles)

A picture of Conner Habib

Conner Habib

Writer, lecturer, activist, gay porn star