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A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.

Illustrator (Page 3)

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A picture of Greg Maletic

Greg Maletic

Developer (Panic), illustrator

A picture of Kathleen De Vere

Kathleen De Vere

Actor, writer, video editor, illustrator (LoadingReadyRun)

A picture of Madelin Woods

Madelin Woods

Developer (Square), artist

A picture of Julian Frost

Julian Frost

Animator, illustrator

A picture of Katie Shelly

Katie Shelly

Media designer (Cooper-Hewitt Labs)

A picture of Terry Colon

Terry Colon

Illustrator, cartoonist

A picture of Danielle Baskin

Danielle Baskin

Art director, bike helmet painter (Inkwell Helmets)

A picture of Cory Schmitz

Cory Schmitz

Graphic designer, illustrator

A picture of Derek Chatwood

Derek Chatwood

Game designer, illustrator

A picture of Nicholas Rezabek

Nicholas Rezabek

Designer, poster maker (The Bubble Process)