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A picture of Sean Bonner

Sean Bonner

Activist, musician, co-founder (Safecast)

A picture of Ben Heck

Ben Heck

Maker, builder, hacker

A picture of Paul Lamere

Paul Lamere

Music hacker (The Echo Nest)

A picture of Micah Elizabeth Scott

Micah Elizabeth Scott

Hardware and software hacker

A picture of Tamas Kemenczy

Tamas Kemenczy

Game designer (Kentucky Route Zero), web developer (Pitchfork)

A picture of Sadayuki Furuhashi

Sadayuki Furuhashi

Hacker (MessagePack, Fluentd)

A picture of Benjamin Mako Hill

Benjamin Mako Hill

Social scientist, free software hacker (MIT)

A picture of Jordan McRae

Jordan McRae


A picture of Jonathan Foote

Jonathan Foote

Recovering scientist

A picture of Pablo Barquín

Pablo Barquín

Art director, motion graphics artist (Physalia)