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A picture of Judy Tyrer

Judy Tyrer

Game developer (Ever, Jane)

A picture of Chris Darden

Chris Darden

Board game designer (Dungeon Roll)

A picture of junkboy


Illustrator, graphics designer (Mojang)

A picture of Ramsey Nasser

Ramsey Nasser

Computer scientist, game designer

A picture of Matt Piersall

Matt Piersall

Game sound designer (GL33k)

A picture of Derek Chatwood

Derek Chatwood

Game designer, illustrator

A picture of Brendon Chung

Brendon Chung

Indie game developer (Blendo)

A picture of Sarah Northway

Sarah Northway

Indie game developer (Rebuild, Incredipede)

A picture of Leigh Alexander

Leigh Alexander

Video game journalist (Edge, Kotaku), editor (Gamasutra)

A picture of Aura


Visual novel writer, game developer