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A picture of Kate Welch

Kate Welch

Podcaster, designer (ArenaNet)

A picture of David Fox

David Fox

Game designer (Zak McKracken, Maniac Mansion)

A picture of Alex Evans

Alex Evans

Co-founder of MediaMolecule (LittleBigPlanet)

A picture of Elizabeth Lawley

Elizabeth Lawley

Professor, School of Interactive Games and Media (RIT)

A picture of James Ernest

James Ernest

Creator of Cheapass Games, videographer

A picture of David Sirlin

David Sirlin

Game designer (Sirlin Games)

A picture of Rob Beschizza

Rob Beschizza

Managing editor (Boing Boing), storyteller, artificer

A picture of Dave Lloyd

Dave Lloyd

Game developer (Crawl)

A picture of Chris Klimas

Chris Klimas

Web developer (Twine)

A picture of Steve Gaynor

Steve Gaynor

Game designer, writer, co-founder (The Fullbright Company)