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A picture of Ben Esposito

Ben Esposito

Independent game developer (Tattletail, Donut Country)

A picture of Olivia Wood

Olivia Wood

Narrative editor, writer, developer (Failbetter Games)

A picture of Alexandria Neonakis

Alexandria Neonakis

UI designer, illustrator (Naughty Dog)

A picture of Sebastian Quack

Sebastian Quack

Artist, game designer

A picture of Emma Lugo

Emma Lugo

Experimental game developer

A picture of Lilly Devon

Lilly Devon

Founder, creative director (Little Wolf Studio)

A picture of Fernando Ramallo

Fernando Ramallo

Coder, designer, visual artist

A picture of Jake Hollands

Jake Hollands

Multi-disciplinary graphic designer

A picture of Chris Remo

Chris Remo

Game designer, composer (Campo Santo), podcaster (Idle Thumbs)

A picture of Lily Nishita

Lily Nishita

Graphic designer, illustrator (Naughty Dog)