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A picture of Nina Freeman

Nina Freeman

Level designer (Fullbright), game designer (Cibele)

A picture of Charlie Loyd

Charlie Loyd

Geo developer, Earth fanatic (Mapbox)

A picture of Robert Yang

Robert Yang

Game developer, teacher

A picture of Aurelia Moser

Aurelia Moser

Developer (Mozilla Science Lab)

A picture of Aaron

Aaron "tenderlove" Patterson

Ruby developer (Red Hat)

A picture of Lauren Hallden

Lauren Hallden

Designer (RJMetrics), web tinkerer

A picture of Casey Kolderup

Casey Kolderup

Software developer, bot wrangler

A picture of Sean Barrett

Sean Barrett

Game developer (Looking Glass Studios), musician

A picture of Jane Friedhoff

Jane Friedhoff

Creative technologist (NYT R&D), indie game developer

A picture of Alice Bartlett

Alice Bartlett

Web developer (Financial Times), founder (Tampon Club)